In the UK, visual impairment in children & young adults is deemed to be low incidence; just 0.3% of the population. As a result, families of blind or partially sighted children are disconnected from each other and specialist support, often leaving blind children (and family members) feeling frustrated, excluded, isolated & anxious. At VICTA, we believe social connectedness, confidence & self-esteem help counter the physical, mental & emotional problems faced within the VI community.

As such, we provide:

Youth Activities (14-17) to support personal growth and the transition into higher education

Youth Expeditions Programme (14-17) including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and John Muir Awards

Young Adult Activities (18-29) to support the development of life skills and the transition into adulthood and the workplace

Young Ambassadors Programme (18-29) shaped around employability with projects designed to strengthen key skills and build business understanding, supported with bespoke mentoring

Grants (0-29) for assistive technologies to help VI youth interact and connect to the world

Family Services to help parents overcome the challenges of living with a VI child

Family Activities (0-17) to support and empower families with a VI child through shared experiences including Family Weekends and Early Years Family Weekends (0-4) designed to support families with very young children with a VI diagnosis

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