Tuesday was our first full day of camp with everyone up bright and early and ready to go, including Poland who arrived at 2.30am!

Our day began with an enthusiastic welcome meeting from Andrea, the ICC team and Luke from the UK VICTA team. Clearer on what lay ahead we set out in groups to become better orientated with the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) campus. Everyone was very impressed by the facilities the college has to offer and if possible, were now even more keen to get started.

After lunch we set off for our first workshops of the camp which included Studying Abroad, Effective Browser Searching and Employability Skills, to name just a few! It was a busy afternoon with lots of learning and skills shared.

We have so far been blessed with a fine British Summer time, with temperatures peaking at over 30°C yesterday. This made our evening activities all the more enjoyable, especially a very typically English game of cricket which took place on the green! It has also been lovely to be able to enjoy mealtimes and social times outside on the terrace.

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy from Tuesdays activities!

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